Australia’s Nuclear Power Question

Nuclear Power for Australia has been a long term political,
social and sometimes science fiction proposition, with a spectrum
of sentiment in each sphere.
There is no right or
wrong, but there are right ways and wrong ways to do it.

  • Need
  • Trust .. Belief
  • Cost
  • Governance
  • Long term

Is Nuclear power green?
Should we aim to reduce our ever increasing power consumption?
Isn’t this based on population increase, should that be stabilised?
The question evolves philosophical. But these line of questions
really boil down to sustainability and that’s
answered easily: Long term, coal, oil, gas aren’t sustainable, but
how long is this term and when should we do something, when is it
too late? Not everyone trusts scientists, not everyone trusts
politicians. Some trust the guy at the pub, their mother, their
current affairs program, or not. So the answer to when is too late
is immersed in complicated theories extrapolations and prediction
(only one of many factors is global warming).

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